beyond-time2012 Olliemoonsta-mural-Targowo

Naza del Rosal and Juan Rico are Olliemoonsta, an art duo from Spain with a background in Fine Arts and Graphic Design. In 2009 they came together to form Studio Po, an Illustration, Graphic and Web Design studio, which was gradually focusing more on art and illustration creating the duo Olliemoonsta.

Over the years they have created a series of artworks drawing on the folklore, mysticism and spirituality of traditional cultures from around the world. They are also interested in urban tribes related to graffiti and skateboarding and put a special emphasis on typography.

Olliemoonsta’s work has been seen in numerous exhibitions around Europe and Canada. In July 2011 they were invited to the International Percussion Festival of Montreal, Canada, where Juan Rico were performing improvised paintings to the rhythm of music. Those paintings were part of a traveling exhibition in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. In 2012 they participated in the artists’ residence Beyond Time, in Poland, where in addition to their work at the BWA Bielsko Galery in Bielsko-Biala and Targowo, they participated in several festivals to paint murals. In October 2012 they were working as artists in residence at Pedra Sina Residence, in Madeira, Portugal. In 2013 they moved to Canada and in 2015 they had a solo show at the Michael Wright Gallery, in Port Coquitlam.


  • 2015 – Michael Wright Gallery, Leigh Square Community Arts Village. Port Coquitlam, CANADA
  • 2012 – WeAreOne. Nudo Teatro. Madrid. SPAIN
  • 2011 – Monstruos Rotos & Co. Espacio Naranjo. Madrid. SPAIN


  • 2015 – Converging Suspects: Corey Bulpitt, Olliemoonsta and Warraba Weatherall. Fazakas Gallery, Vancouver, CANADA
  • 2014 – Piece of Mind. AMS Gallery, University of British Columbia. Vancouver, CANADA
  • 2014 – Back Alley Artists Night. The purple Stapler. Vancouver, CANADA
  • 2014 – CARDED! Hot Art Wet City. Vancouver, CANADA
  • 2014 – The Postcard Show II. Ayden Gallery. Vancouver, CANADA
  • 2013 – Landyachtz Longboard Collective Art Show. The Beaumont Studios. Vancouver, CANADA
  • 2013 – Lab Art Show. 2013. Heritage Hall. Vancouver, CANADA
  • 2012 – MediaMap. IAM Gallery. Madrid, SPAIN
  • 2012 – Urban Cultura. Espacio Naranjo. Madrid. SPAIN
  • 2012 – Typo_MAD_12. Matadero. Madrid, SPAIN
  • 2012 – Life fast, die young. Bielsko BWA Galery. Bielsko-Biała. POLAND
  • 2012 – Power of Art and nature. Targowo. POLAND
  • 2012 – WeAreOne. Nudo Teatro. Madrid. SPAIN
  • 2011 – Monstruos Rotos & Co. Espacio Naranjo. Madrid. SPAIN
  • 2011 – Urban Cultura. Espacio Naranjo. Madrid. SPAIN
  • 2011 – Dibujo anónimo. Sala de Arte Joven 2.0. Madrid. SPAIN
  • 2008 – Salón del Libro Infantil y Juvenil de Madrid. Casa de Vacas. Madrid. SPAIN
  • 2005-2006 – Circuitos. Madrid, León, Alcalá de Henares and Pontevedra. SPAIN


  • 2012 – Pedra Sina Residence. Madeira, PORTUGAL
  • 2012 – Beyond Time. Bielsko-Biała city and Targowo. POLAND


  • 2014 – Paint for Peace. (Live painting) Raw Canvas. Vancouver, CANADA
  • 2013 – Raycam Community Center. (Mural) Vancouver, CANADA
  • 2013 – Vancouver International Busker Festival. Vancouver, CANADA
  • 2013 – Longboard Painting Workshop. Vancouver, CANADA
  • 2013 – Eurofest. Vancouver, CANADA
  • 2012 – Imagination in your hands. (Mural painting). Madeira. PORTUGAL
  • 2012 – Sea Art. (Mural painting). Madeira. PORTUGAL
  • 2012 – Life fast, die young. (Public installation) Bielsko-Biała. POLAND
  • 2012 – Now or never. (Mural painting). Bielsko-Biała. POLAND
  • 2012 – Plasticine Illustration Workshop. Bielsko BWA Galery. POLAND
  • 2012 – Keep your mind rich. (Car painting) Freestyle. City Szczytno Festival. POLAND
  • 2012 – Natural City. (Mural painting). Targowo. POLAND
  • 2012 – Logical Art Does Not Exist. (Mural painting). Pszczyna Ceramics Festival. POLAND
  • 2011 – Guess artist at the Festival Internacional de Percussions in Montreal. CANADA