Fazakas Gallery Art At The Bauhaus Restaurant

Fazakas Gallery Art at the Bauhaus Restaurant

If you haven’t already seen our latest consulting achievement visit the fantastic new Michelin Star restaurant in Gastown, Bauhaus 1 W Cordova St.

When approaching this project gallery owner LaTiesha Fazakas wanted the art at Bauhaus to tell a story. A tale of two cities if you will, Berlin and Vancouver. LaTiesha worked with restaurant owners to ensure the art was both aesthetically pleasing and meaningful.

“We wanted works that enhanced and worked with the space and the intention of the restaurant. We did not want pieces to detract or become invisible. We wanted it to have a cohesive flow visually but also for people to get a sense of place and narrative. We wanted Urban, Berlin, Vancouver and Bauhaus to coalesce. The space was already so beautiful, we wanted to work with that. ” LaTiesha Fazakas


This Is Not Art by Corey Bulpitt
For some art critics, Berlin is the graffiti Mecca of the urban art world. From its beginnings in the late 1970’s till today, the streets of Berlin have become the biggest public art space in Europe. The Berlin Wall had much to do with this, the perfect place for people to express their opinions making “The Wall” the largest canvas in the world.

It seems fitting to have a work of art that fuses this iconic expression of Berlin urban life, with the art of local artist Corey Bulpitt. Bulpitt is a Graffiti artist whose works fuses together expressions of his Haida and Hip Hop cultures, to reveal a vivid connection to Northwest Coast Formline and the freedom of graffiti.


“My whole graffiti career started with me tagging with my friends, and I wanted to pay tribute to that beginning, so I had the canvas tagged up with some friends. We were working on the canvas in my yard where my gardener was working. He asked what it was, and when I said it was my art piece, he replied with vigor “THIS, THIS IS NOT ART!” He was rather adamant about it, and so in an alley off Hastings, me and 2 others put the art lettering over the tags in white. This is speaking about the white institutionalized gallery walls, in stark comparison to the completely covered walls we paint in the streets”.



When The Eclipse Broke Through by Rande Cook
“It’s a spirit whale, and like the eclipse, only shows himself so very little. With the force of the moon pulling in the tides, the spirit whale appears, bringing fortune to all. The piercing in the moon are the shadows of the eclipse breaking through, the moon is once again illuminated, guiding the fortunate into prosperity. Life will balance out, and the new era will be at one with the past.”

Fazakas-Gallery-Bauhaus-Restaurant-Graffiti2Bauhaus Restaurant Washrooms
Street art, graffiti, Pac-man and the fundamentals of Bauhaus design create a graphic cornucopia in the bathrooms of Bauhaus Restaurant.

Fazakas Gallery’s Olliemoonsta – the Spanish artist duo of Naza del Rosal and Juan Rico – were excited by the challenge to create a graffiti-based work in Bauhaus Restaurant. Working together with gallery owner LaTiesha Fazakas and Natalie Boll from Bauhaus, they came up with an outstanding commission the likes of which Vancouver has never seen before.

“I knew the restaurant wanted to capture the feeling of Urban Berlin in Vancouver in a way that reflected back to the roots of Bauhaus, German design, so the artists and I did a lot of research and put a lot of thought into the intention behind the work to be done. Then the artists let their creativity fly!” said gallery owner, LaTiesha Fazakas.

Both the creativity and paint flew, and the result is an experience no one who enters these bathrooms will forget. Street-art, Pac-man and the fundamental Bauhaus circle, square and triangle meet to create a graphic cornucopia with such an unadulterated contrast to high-end dining experience that one cannot help being intrigued.


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Beau Dick

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