Chief Beau Dick

Wayne Alfred

John Brent Bennett

Corey Bulpitt

Carlos Colín

Rande Cook


Alan Hunt

Josh Dawson

Couzyn van Heuvelen

Charlene Vickers

Alano Edzerza

Andy Everson

Andy Everson

Jeneen Frei Njootli

Phil Gray

Sabina Hill

Robin Lovelace

Luke Marston


Yvonne Muinde

Kerri-Lynne Dick


Gary Peterson

Mark Preston

Rosa Quintana Lillo

Joyce Ozier

Cole Speck

Carollyne Yardley

Don Yeomans

Trace Yeomans

Doug Zilkie

Doug Zilkie




Contemporary & Northwest Coast Native Artists

British Columbia, Canada


Fazakas Gallery & Artwise Consulting carefully chooses work in a curatorial manner in order to make interesting and dynamic new exhibitions. Additionally, we are mindful to select both artists and their work based on the needs of our clients.

Taking the time to get to know our artists and develop close relationships with them, while also developing a keen understanding of our clients and their needs, is what has been at the core of our success. Respect and awareness of both artist and client results in a creative synergy that is a fundamental value of both the gallery and Artwise alike.

We hope you enjoy exploring the artwork of the many artists we commission works from. Please visit their pages using the links on the left side menu.

Here is a fine example of the beautiful results of a successful collaboration. Fazakas Gallery worked with artist Corey Bulpitt to create a unique panel for the Edenshaw Developments. Ryan Bergmann of ImMediate Video Productions created a video to express the artistic process in motion.

If you are an artist interested in having their work shown, please submit your portfolio and CV by email to:

Only those who we feel fit our existing mandate will be contacted.