Beau Dick (Kwakwaka’wakw)


Born November 23, 1955 – March 27, 2017

Chief Beau Dick was one of the Northwest Coast’s most versatile and talented carvers. For more than four decades, he actively perpetuated the ceremonial traditions of his people, the Kwakwaka’wakw. He began carving at a very early age, studying under his father Benjamin Dick, his grandfather James Dick, and later under renowned artists Henry Hunt and Doug Cranmer. Beau also worked alongside such artists as Robert Davidson, Tony Hunt and the late Bill Reid.

A carver who took much of his inspiration and technique from traditional Kwakwaka’wakw art, Beau’s work has been particularly noted for its embrace of contemporary influences, often incorporating European and Asian styles into his creations. His masks in particular have been lauded for their rough yet realistic presentation, representing a piece that is both austere yet incredibly life-like. As the artist himself has put it:

Image from the documentary Meet Beau Dick: Maker of Monsters.

Image from the documentary Meet Beau Dick: Maker of Monsters

“My style is sometimes referred to as “Potlatch Style” as it comes from a tradition of ceremony which requires many masks to be made in a short period of time. It takes many years of practice and an understanding of balance in order to create a work that is appears finished in a natural and instinctive manner, without seeming overthought.” 

Due to the particularity of his work, Beau’s art has gained steady recognition and acclaim in both Canada and the international art scene over the years, with a carving commissioned for Vancouver’s Expo ’86 proving to be a large stepping-stone in his career. In 1998, Beau was one of only seven Canadian artists to attend the reopening of Canada House in London, England. The following decade saw many of his pieces featured in a variety of exhibitions that took his work to galleries and museums across Canada, the US and Europe. 2010 saw four of Beau’s major works brought to Sydney, Australia to be displayed in one of the largest and most prestigious exhibitions in the world, the Sydney Biennale.

Most recently, the story of Beau’s life and art is being developed into a feature-length documentary entitled Meet Beau Dick: Maker of Monsters to be tentatively released in 2017.  He was the Artist-in-Residence at the University of British Columbia.


  • 2017
    – Learning From Athens, documenta 14, Athens GR and Kassel DE
    – NADA Art Fair, Skylight Clarkson North, New York NY
    – Supernaturalis: Chief Beau Dick, Gallery Weekend, San Francisco CA
  • 2016
    – Lalakenis/All Directions: A Journey of Truth and Unity,  Morris and Helen Belkin Gallery, Vancouver, BC
    – Divergent Convergence, Fazakas Gallery, Vancouver BC
    – Art Toronto | Toronto International Art Fair, Toronto ON
    – This is it with it as it is (group exhibition), Art History and Visual Art Gallery, Audain Art Centre, University of British Columbia
  • 2015
    – Drama, Fazakas Gallery, Vancouver BC
    – The Box of Treasures: Gifts from the Supernatural, Bill Reid Gallery, Vancouver BC
  • 2014
    – Art Toronto | Toronto International Art Fair, Toronto ON
    – Inappropriate, Fazakas Gallery, Vancouver BC
  • 2013
    – Story, Fazakas Gallery, Vancouver BC
    – Rezerect, The Bill Reid Gallery, Vancouver BC
    – Summer exhibition at the National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa ON
    – Witnesses: Art and Canada’s Indian Residential Schools, The Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery, Vancouver BC
    – The Voyage, or Three Years At Sea Part VI, Charles H Scott Gallery, Vancouver BC
  • 2011
    -Sacred Stories, Timeless Tales: Mythic Traditions in World Art, The Lowe Art Museum, University of Miami, FL
  • 2010
    – 17th International Biennale of Sydney, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney AU
    – Monster: The Fear Inside. A group show of contemporary artists with the myths and legends of disparate cultures, Inuit, Kwakwaka’wakw, European, Chinese. West Vancouver Museum, West Vancouver BC
  • 2009
    – Challenging Traditions: Contemporary First Nations Art of the Northwest Coast, Opened at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection, Kleinberg ON, and traveled within Canada and to Switzerland. Closed Fall 2010
    – In the Spirit of the Ancestors: Contemporary Northwest Coast Native Art, The Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture, University of Washington, Seattle
  • 2004
    – Supernatural: Neil Campbell and Beau Dick, The Contemporary Art Gallery of Vancouver, Vancouver BC
  • 1998
    – Beau was one of seven artists invited to London, England to represent First Nations Canadians for the reopening of Canada House in 1998


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2012 – Beau Dick and Ron Tran were the recipients of the 2012 VIVA Awards, presented by the Jack and Doris Shadbolt Foundation for the Visual Arts to recognize BC artists who demonstrate exceptional creative ability and commitment.

Permanent / Corporate Collections

Museum of Civilization, Hull, QC
Museum of Anthropology, Vancouver, BC
Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, BC
Michael Audain collection, Vancouver, BC
U’mista Cultural Center, Alert Bay, BC
The Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture, University of Washington, Seattle, WA
Heard Museum, Phoenix, AZ
RBC Wealth Collection
National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, ON
Hallie Ford Museum of Art, Willamette University, Salem, OR
Damien Hirst Collection