Corey Bulpitt (Haida)



Corey Bulpitt

Corey Bulpitt at work on a stunning new panel
photo ©Ryan Bergmann

Corey Bulpitt, also known as Taakeit Aaya or “Gifted Carver” by the Haida of the Naikun Raven clan, was born in Prince Rupert BC in 1978. A great-great grandson of the famed Charles Edenshaw and Louis Collison, Corey graduated from the Langley Fine Arts School in 1996 before beginning a four-year apprenticeship under his uncle, master carver Christian White, from whom he learned traditional Haida design and woodcarving. Corey is an avid painter, jeweller, and wood and argillite carver who has enjoyed exploring many different mediums, such as spray paint, which he used to create large-scale paintings involving urban youth in Vancouver. Corey has carved many totem poles throughout his career, including a 27’ yellow cedar pole for Scouts Canada, a 17’ pole now displayed at Queen Charlotte Lodge, and a 14’ mortuary-style memorial on the ‘Namgis burial ground in Alert Bay. He has also collaborated with Maori master Lionel Grant on a pole carved in New Zealand, and has worked with fellow NWC carvers Dempsey Bob, Joe David, and Christian White on many projects.

In 2010, Corey assisted in crafting a 30’ pole with Klatle Bhi for the Winter Olympics, as well as a performance art project for the Sydney Biennale. A member of the newly emerged Beat Nation Live arts collective, Corey’s contemporary graffiti art pieces can be seen in many museums, festivals, and urban landscapes, such as the W2’s New Form Festival and the Vancouver Art Gallery.

Edenshaw from Immediate Group on Vimeo.



    • 2016

– Divergent Convergence – Group exhibition, Fazakas Gallery, Vancouver, BC

  • 2015
    – Converging Suspects: Corey Bulpitt, Olliemoonsta and Warraba Weatherall. Fazakas Gallery, Vancouver, CANADA
  • 2014
    – AKOS , Bill Reid Gallery, A Solo exhibit of Corey Bulpitt’s work including paintings, totempoles, jewelery, masks, leatherwork, and other selected carvings, Vancouver, BC
    – Beat Nation, SMU Art Gallery, House of the Salmon People-mural, Halifax, NS
    – Beat Nation, Mackenzie Gallery, House of the Salmon People-mural Gina Suuda Tl’l Xasii, Regina, SK
    – Haida Gwaii Museum, Land Otter Man- Mask, Kaay Llnagaay, BC
  • 2013
    – Story, Group Exhibition. Fazakas Gallery, Vancouver, BC
    – Sakahan, National Gallery of Canada, Every Year the Salmon Come Back mural, Ottawa, ON
    – Beat Nation, Musee d’Art Contemporain, Eagle-Mural, Montreal, QC
    – Rezerect, Bill Reid Gallery, Ravenous I- canvas, Ravenous II- photo Street Meet, Vancouver, BC
    – AKA Gallery, Killer Whales-mural, Saskatoon, SK
  • 2012
    – Beat Nation, Vancouver Art Gallery, Wasco Haida Seawolf- mural, Brando- mask Haida Masterworks 2, Vancouver, BC
    – Beat Nation, Power Plant, Raven Fin Killerwhale-mural, Toronto, ON
  • 2011
    – Digital Graffiti Art, Beat Nation at Vancouver Art Gallery, CBC Vancouver, Future-en-Seine Biennale Paris, Vancouver, BC
  • 2010
    – New Forms Festival, Beat Nation: graffiti art, Vancouver, BC
  • 2009
    – Beat Nation, Grunt Gallery, online virtual exhibition: murals, Vancouver, BC
    – Beat Nation, Saw Gallery, graffiti art, Ottawa, ON


  • 2014
    – Main and Hastings, Vancouver: Eagle 14′ memorial pole
  • 2010
    – Vancouver Winter Olympics: 30’ pole, Klatle Bhi project head, Vancouver, BC
    – Sydney Biennale, Brando mask for Skeena Reece performance art project, Sydney, Australia
  • 2009
    – Tluu Xaadanee Longhouse: exterior 33’ memorial pole Headed totem pole projects with Beau Dick, Kwakwaka’wakw including totem pole raised in Alert Bay, BC
  • 2006
    – Queen Charlotte Lodge: Haida Gwaii, 17’ pole, BC
  • 2005
    – Tluu Xaadanee Longhouse: Interior pole, under Christian White
  • 2004
    – Hastings, New Zealand, Te Mata Gathering of Indigenous Pacific artists with Joe -David, Dempsey Bob, Lionel Grant, Christian White. Organized through Spirit Wrestler Gallery Vancouver with assistance from Canada Council for the Arts.
    – Boys Scouts Langley: 27’ pole plus 14’ pole with Rick Harry


  • 2013 Word to Your Motherland, mural, North Vancouver, BC
  • 2012 Salmon in term-oil- Central Park, Burnaby, BC
  • 2012 All My Relations Mural, Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Center, Vancouver, BC
  • 2011 Journey, performance piece, Centre des Arts, Enghien-les-Bains, Paris, France
  • 2011 The Storm,  with Larissa Healey, Vancouver, BC
  • 2009 Dogfish Woman – City of Vancouver commission, BC
  • 2008 The Raven, City of Vancouver commission, BC


  • 2011
    Children’s Book Illustrations: Native Northwest, Garfinkel, Goodnight World, Vancouver, BC
  • 2010
    Children’s Book Illustrations: Native Northwest, Garfinkel, Learn The Colours, Learn and Play, Explore the Animals, Discover the Animals, Vancouver, BC
  • 2004-2011
    The Gathering Calendar, Native Northwest – Garfinkel Publications, Vancouver, BC


The Savage Gentleman and Warrior Princess, Shopwrong, Vancouver- Selected works by Ernie Paniccioli, Nelson “Dedos” Garcia and other selected artists


  • 1998 Four year apprenticeship program with Haida master carver Christian White, Old Massett, Haida Gwaii
  • 1996 Graduated Langley Fine Arts School
  • Corey has worked extensively with master carvers Beau Dick, Wayne Alfred and Phil Grey


 – Taught at the Native Education Centre, Vancouver – 3 month NW Coast woodcarving course