Robin Lovelace (Tlingit/Tagish)


 Robin Lovelace

 Birth Of Beauty Predator Cannibal Mask



robin bio picRobin Lovelace is a gifted sculptor and lifelong Alaskan. As an artist she sees and hears clues in the works and oral tradition of her Tlingit/Tagish forebears.

“I believe our ancestors left directions and hints in their stories and artwork as avenues to understand ourselves and our roles in today’s world,” says Lovelace

While Lovelace honors tradition, she feels that it’s vitally important for Northwest Coast art to be viewed as highly evolved and therefore ever-progressing.

“My artwork is a vital part of my own self-determination and I create objects of power and wealth to help foster my people’s cultural pride,” says Lovelace. “It is my goal and desire to pass down my knowledge and skills to future generations.”

Robin works in various media, including hardwoods, stainless steel, bronze, copper, and stone. Lovelace was born in Sitka and resides in Anchorage with her husband and three children.


  • 2013 – Rezerect, The Bill Reid Gallery, Vancouver, BC
  • 2012 – SHARK!, Museum of Art , Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • 2011 – Expand Your Vision -Stone Sculpture, AK Native Arts Foundation, Anchorage, AK
  • 2008 – Northwest Coast Artists’ Gathering – NMAI – Juneau, AK
  • 20o4 – Gathering of Carvers – Ketchikan, AK
    • Nearly 30 carvers participated in the creation of three 10-foot house posts
    • Robin worked on the Tlingit pole with a team headed by Stephen Jackson, along with Tommy Joseph and Bill Pfieffer
  • 2003 – Undercurrent”  Decker/Morris Gallery, Anchorage, AK exhibition of Emerging Native Artists curator Sonya Kelliher-Combs


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Background and Training:

EXPAND YOUR VISION:  Cultural Exploration with Silver – July 2012

Nicholas Galanin (Tlingit/Aleut Artist)

EXPAND YOUR VISION: Cultural Expression Through Stone – August 2011

Larry Ahvakana (Inupiaq Sculptor) and Patrick Stone

  • Robin was one of five Alaska Native Artists hand selected to study an advanced level, intensive limestone sculpture workshop
  • Finished pieces exhibited at the Alaska Native Arts Foundation October – November 2011

Apprenticeship under Tommy Joseph – Tlingit Carver

Master Artist & Apprenticeship Program ASCA – Summer 2011

Tlingit Battle Dress – miniature Tlingit shark war helmet

  • Training included Tommy’s vast research of Northwest Coast battle dress, selection of wood (yew), scale of miniature helmet

Apprenticeship under Stephen Jackson – Tlingit Sculptor

Master Artist & Apprenticeship Program ASCA – Summer 2005

Kaats’ House post – Burke Museum Harriman Expedition Retraced Project

  • Training included contemporary design, metal armature, plaster casting, clay modeling, silicone molding, and resin casting

Apprenticeship under Frank Perez – Tsimshian Carver

Master Artist & Apprenticeship Program ASCA – Summer 2003

  • Eagle Forehead Mask – training included all steps from falling of tree to finished piece
  • Additional projects include moon and eagle frontlets, shark mask, maskette, paddle, and spoons

Northwest Coast Carving and Design under David Boxley – Tsimshian Carver

  • Have taken numerous classes learning carving, painting, design, and utilization of traditional tools and techniques
  • Projects include Raven Articulating Mask, two-dimensional panel, Eagle Rattle, Tlingit-Style Raven Bowl, and Tsimshian Portrait Masks


 Metlakatla Portrait Mask Carving Workshop – June 2010 – Co-Instructor

  • Robin assisted Master Carver Frank Perez instruct a two-week traditional mask carving workshop in Metlakatla
  • 8 participants – multigenerational – ages 10 – 65

Carcross-Tagish Totem Pole Project – 2008

  • Worked on team carving two traditional 11-foot house posts on display outside of CTFN Learning Center
  • Served as Advanced Carver helping to instruct team members

Northwest Coast Artists’ Gathering – NMAI – Juneau – June 2008

Gathering of Carvers – Ketchikan, AK – August 2004

  • Nearly 30 carvers participated in the creation of three 10-foot house posts
  • Robin worked on the Tlingit pole with a team headed by Stephen Jackson, along with Tommy Joseph and Bill Pfieffer


 American Museum of Natural History – studied NWC collection 8/2010

Bill Holm Center Visiting Research Award – studied Burke NWC collection 5/2009

Royal BC Museum – studied Kwäday Dan Ts’ìnchi artifacts 5/2009

Caring for Native Collections in Small Museums – NMAI – 1/2004

 Clan and Governmental Experience:

 Clan Leader – Robin has served on CTFN General Council since 1998.  She has been involved from the adoption of Constitution, to Self-Governance Agreement, to the signing of final agreements for the Yanyeidí clan.

  • Represented CTFN Yanyeidí – Sharing our Knowledge- Conference of Tlingit, Tsimshian, and Haida Tribes and Clans Sitka, AK –  2007 and Juneau, AK – 2009

Board Director – CTFN Development Corporation – 2006 – 2009

  • Reviewed and directed CTFN investments and viability of prospective partnerships and start-up businesses

CEO/Founder – Innovative Healing Solutions AK – 2013 – present